𑄏𑄫 𑄏𑄫!!

𑄇𑄒π‘„ͺπ‘„š 𑄝π‘„ͺ𑄓𑄨π‘„₯π‘„΄π‘„‘π‘„΄ π‘„₯𑄬𑅅π‘„₯𑄭𑄑𑄨

π‘„₯𑄇𑄳𑄠 π‘„Ÿπ‘„¬π‘„–π‘„³π‘„– 𑄝π‘„ͺ𑄓𑄨π‘„₯π‘„΄π‘„‘π‘„΄ 𑄀𑄨𑄦𑄒

KARUNA BUDDHIST SOCIETY is a community Buddhist organization that also operates as Sakya Metta Buddhist Vihara as its main Buddhist center, located in Highland at Pacific Street on left side of Victoria Ave after Highland exit of I-210. It is just 4-5 minutes away from the Highland exit of the I-210 freeway.

Karuna Buddhist Society was established and registered in September 20, 2002 as a nonprofit Buddhist organization to practice and promote Buddhism. After years of dedication, in 2008 we bought a 663 sf house in a half acre land in Golondrina Drive to expand our mission. But the house was very congested and can’t accommodate the devotees in indoor activities. Due to various obstacles, and struggles, we waited more than another decade to purchase a sufficient property which is the present one in Pacific Street. At present, Karuna Buddhist Society operates all its religious and cultural activities from the newly shifted address in Pacific Street, Highland since 2021. We welcome all people and faith traditions to practice meditation, learn about Buddhism and share in community together. 

Our mission: We are a multilingual community that speaks Chakma, Hindi, English, Bengali, and a few others. Thus, our monastics are multilingual too and can promote Buddhist principles in different languages to bring social, communal, and spiritual benefits in this multicultural and multi-racial environment in the USA. We welcome all people and faith traditions to practice and experience meditation, learn about Buddhism, share each other stories, and build mutual love and respect for this world. Only your own practice of lovingkindness, compassion and the development of mindfulness can enlighten you and guide you to the cessation of suffering, a state of enlightenment, mental freedom, and peace.

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We are active on Facebook! Visit our page to receive regular updates and explore who we are! Visit Karuna Buddhist Society – 𑄇𑄒π‘„ͺπ‘„š 𑄝π‘„ͺ𑄓𑄨π‘„₯π‘„΄π‘„‘π‘„΄ π‘„₯𑄧π‘„₯𑄭𑄑𑄨

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Karuna Buddhist Society is a registered (501)(c)(3) nonprofit faith based organization based in San Bernardino, CA. We promote the universal teaching of lovingkindness, compassion, self-love, wisdom and an ethical way of living through Buddha’s ancient but still relevant teachings to the modern world.


DONATIONS ARE GRACIOUSLY ACCEPTED Whether it’s your time at an event, funds for the temple or staples for the monks, we sincerely thank you.

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