Prayer Service

As a human being, we are full of feelings and emotions. Our monkey mind always has to confront with pleasant and unpleasant thoughts every day. This is why, we need mental cultivation and mental development. Prayer service doesn’t mean we kneel down in front of Buddha and prayer for all you difficultiees. Buddhist doesn’t give any place for blind belief and blind prayer.

The service we is called Punna Kamma or Kusala Kamma in Pāli language, which means an act meritorious deed and wholesome deed. As Buddhists, we believe in our own responsibility and own actions. Thus, we engage ourselves in good activities and spiritual engagement with Buddhist monks or other masters who have good knowledge about Buddhism. Please contact Contact us for our Service and blessing programs.

Our Monastics regularly offer Blessing Ceremonies for individuals, family, homes, pets and more.  Wedding and Last Rites ceremonies are also performed by the Monks. Monthly offerings are listed on our calendar. Please contact us if you are interested to make an appointment.

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