Five factors to become a desirable person-Buddha’s teachings from Tipitaka reference

Buddha said that if a man has these 5 qualities or factors, then he is a desirable man to women. On the other hand, if a woman has those same 5 factors, then she is a desirable woman to men.

So, if you don’t have any of those factors, then you might be a less desirable person in your circle!

Quality No 1 : Rūpavā ca hoti- He/She is physically healthy and attractive. He/She takes good care of the body and mind.

Quality No 2 : Bhogavā ca hoti- He/She is wealthy and financially well managed. He/She knows how to make money and manage it skillfully without creating any troubles with laws and regulations.

Quality No 3 : Sīlavā ca hoti- He/She is ethical and virtuous. He/She has a good personality with a charismatic character.

Quality No 4 : Dakkho ca hoti analaso- He/She is a persevering and industrious person with survival and technical skills. He/She is not a lazy person.

Quality No 5 : Pajañcassa labhati-He/She is very enthusiastic and concerned person for continuation of his/her future generation. He/She is a community builder and a social worker.

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